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The Great Hillwood Working Bee

Plus important access and camping information!


Over the March long weekend, a band of dedicated souls forwent festivals and adventuring to pour some love into Hillwood, getting the spectacular crag in tip-top shape before it's grand re-opening.

Over 30 people took part in the two day extravaganza and achieved a huge amount of work despite the hot and sweaty conditions. This included:

  • weed removal (the stinging nettles didn't stand a chance, although they did fight back)

  • scree slope stabilising

  • track clearing, re-development and re-routing

  • the felling of dead and dangerous trees

  • stabilising the base of cliffs and boulders for landings

This work was off the back of a mammoth effort by Gerry Narkowicz, a fabulous team of bolting experts and the Climbing Club of Tasmania, who replaced 320 substandard bolts and added 60 lower-offs over several weeks, costing around $5,000.

Along with every volunteer involved, we would like to thank George Town Council for the unprecedented support, working with the land owner to once again gain access after a five year closure.


We remind the community that this is a working farm and there are restrictions that have been set by the landowner. To ensure the climbing community gets to enjoy this amazing place for many years to come, please observe the following:

  •  Never park on the road, even if the carpark is full (carpool from home or the Hillwood Oval wherever possible)

  •  No overnight stays or camping! There is currently no camping available in the near vicinity of Hillwood, but it is only 25 minutes out of Launceston.

  • No fires or fuel stoves

  • No animals or pets

  • No firewood collection

  • Stay on marked paths, no trespassing onto neighbouring paddocks, or interfering with livestock

Always check or for any updates before heading out to climb.


*An update regarding overnight stay options near Hillwood:

The nearby Egg Island Point Reserve is also DAY USE ONLY, do NOT camp here!

There is FREE self contained vehicle campground across the river at Swan Point - and "Mike & Annies Front Paddock", a privately run PAID self contained vehicle site at Dilston.

Other options include Low Head, Exeter & Beauty Point.

The Signal Station Tavern located on the main Highway just outside of Hillwood (9 minute drive from the crag) has offered for car and van camping climbers to stay in their car park overnight. This is for self contained vehicles only, however the pub does have bathrooms which you can use. If you do stay at the Pub overnight, please make sure to at least buy a drink, or better yet, buy a counter meal to support these local legends.

The pub also operates a coffee van out of the car park most mornings which is great for us.

This is very much a privilege we do not want to lose so please make sure you stick to a couple of rules. There is absolutely no toileting on site, do not use the carpark or the paddock next door as a toilet. Make sure to let them know that you’re staying overnight and that you are in Hillwood for the climbing, then follow that up by spending a bit of money at the pub.

Happy Climbing!


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