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Freycinet Working Bee

It went pretty well last Sunday, the energy was good and we got a bit done! Two bags of thistles pulled from Bluestone Bay, the track to Alchemy wall cleared of fallen trees that were causing track braiding, bollards re-dug and straightened, and don’t get me started on the toilet. I think anyone who has used that dunny in the last 20 years is going to be mildly shocked how clean it is and how fresh the oiled the deck looks. Graffiti painted over and zazzed up, that dunny could be Air BnB’d!

Monster huge big thanks to everyone who came along, and particularly to Freycinet Park Ranger Steve Everts (who looked after us on the day) and Fi Everts and Steve Heggie who did so much of the behind the scenes leg work to make it happen. Let's do it again soon!

Hamish and Steve (Freycinet Ranger) working on track maintenance.

Toilet team getting the cleaning done!

What a crew! Thanks everyone for coming along.


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