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Crag closures to protect breeding birds- 2022 spring season

Birds are perhaps the most conspicuous wildlife we share the crags with and are a wild part of the rock climbing experience. Here's what you need to know about Tassie's cliff nesting birds and how to help look after them!

Peregrine Falcons nest from July till December. It’s important that climbers don't climb near active nest sites during this period. Stress caused by climbers (and anyone else) may result in a breeding failure and wastes valuable energy for these birds as they try to scare people away by swooping and vocalising. If you find yourself with a medium sized raptor repeatedly flying at you while vocalising loudly then you need to move away safely as soon as possible, and let us know (email contacts below).

Nesting wedgetail eagles and sea eagles are also highly sensitive to disturbance during their breeding season from July till the end of January. They don't nest on the cliffs but sometimes use nearby trees. When you're out climbing during the eagle breeding season, if you think you have found an eagle nest, please move away as soon as you can and report the details (email contacts below). New nests occasionally turn up and you may help the birds get better protection from other land users, not just climbers.

From time to time other birds may nest or roost in the crags we climb. Keep an eye out for pardalotes, welcome swallows, tree martins, grey-shrike thrush and owls. Let us know if you can, especially if you think they are nesting.

Spring 2022 cliff closures for birds:

Please note this is an evolving list and will be updated as new info comes to hand.

  • Peregrines are nesting now at The Panopticon, Sand River, Please don't climb past the sign climbers have placed there and please back off if the peregrines are still in nest defense mode during January.

  • Peregrines are also nesting at Bare Rock, Fingal. Please don't climb routes to the right of the Boneyard and left of Bisso of Orange between July and December.

  • North Ridge, Sand River is currently closed due to a nearby wedgetail eagle nest between July and January.

Other crags where you might see nesting birds:

  • pinmatik/Rocky Cape (right of North Cave in the Ramp area

  • Public Wall area at Duck Reach (Launceston gorge)

  • Hillwood (currently closed to access)

  • Gunners Quoin

  • Lowdina

Let us know if you see nesting birds, and also if you see peregrines before and during the breeding season. This will help use manage any developing nesting issues and inform climbers of any closures.


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