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August Cataract Gorge Working Bee

A big thank you to the dedicated team who cleaned up the zig-zag track on the Sunny Side of Cataract Gorge on Sunday (August 3rd). You folks made short work of both litter and weeds, cleaning out 7 full bags of rubbish in just a few hours, plus removing blackberry, boneseed, gorse and passionfruit vine.

As always, we would like to thank the staff at Launceston City Council for their ongoing support with Crag Care Tasmania's Cataract Gorge efforts, and our parent body Wildcare for all that it does to ensure we can continue to do what we do.

Keen to get involved? Visit our page on the Wildcare website to sign up for updates about future working bees and events, or visit our Facebook page. Note that you will need to become a Wildcare member to join the Crag Care branch. This is only $25 per year, and provides vital funding to ensure groups like us can continue. So thanks!

The main booty from the rubbish clean-up included beer bottles, cans, energy drink bottles and lolly wrappers. Nice work team!

Cookies and tea are always a big hit!


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